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PURE WATER - Fed Window Cleaning

South Shore Softwash uses pure water fed window cleaning methods to help better serve our customer.  This technology allows us to finish your windows fast, efficiently and leaving them looking great!  

The Method

Pure water window cleaning is the modern method of cleaning windows. It combines purified water with a telescopic pole and brush. Purified water gets pushed through and up a telescoping “water fed” pole. The pole and brush system get agitated across the glass surface. When completed the correct way the glass surface and frames dry spot free. 

How Pure Water Cleaning Systems Work

Pure Water is created by removing sediments and total dissolved solids (TDS) from water. The process of making pure water involves a chemical and electrical process. Small-scale pure water systems use a combination of filters, membranes, and resins to create pure water. Large-scale systems use electricity to separate dissolved solids from the water. An added bonus of using purified water is that it is also environmentally-friendly cleaning (unless cleaning chemicals are introduced)! So people interested in green cleaning don’t have to worry.