We Safely and Gently Stop Algae, Moss and Lichen Roof Damage In Its Tracks for You

The Power of SoftWash Sytems

        The SoftWash Systems 3 in 1 Cleaning Process

  • Eliminates ugly black streaks on the day of cleaning and treatment
  • Attacks and attains a 100% ratio of roof pests such as roof mold, mildew, lichen, bacteria and their root systems.
  • Inhibits the return and growth of these roof pests.

The how of our soft Wash-roof Wash

Additional Information

South Shore SoftWash, LLC  is proud  to have been trained and certified in the SoftWash Systems process. Soft Washing is the opposite of commonly known pressure washing which can cause damage to your roof, house siding or other exterior surfaces. Our cleaning process utilizes low pressure (garden hose pressure) using professional equipment specifically designed to deliver our customized cleaning solution. Each exterior surface to be cleaned is analyzed to determine the correct blend of cleaning solution according to the SoftWash Systems “Mixology”. We do not have a “one size fits all” method. We mix our SoftWash cleaning solutions to meet the requirements  of each specific project.  Our deep cleaning and treatment solutions do the work, not a high pressure  power washer “scraping” method that can damage and “scar” the surface.

Our low pressure (garden hose pressure) process will not harm your painted surfaces, shingles, wood, or vinyl siding.

We use the SoftWash Systems proven roof/exterior surface cleaning and treatment process. This SoftWash methodolgy has been in use for over 20 years, is lab-tested and successfully cleaned over 50,000 roofs nationwide! This non-pressure SoftWash process cleans the roof surface, attains a 100% kill ratio of all roof bacteria (black streaks), mold, moss, mildew, and protects your home’s roof from further infestation.

Those ugly black streaks are actually bacteria, attracted to and feasting on the limestone fillers most asphalt shingles contain. Your roof actually isn’t dirty at all – it’s infested. Infested with pest organisms that affect your home’s health, appearance, curb appeal, property value and increase your household cooling costs.!  South Shore SoftWash eliminates the ugly black streaks and attains a 100% kill ration on the bacteria spores!

Did you know that moss and lichen growing on your roof actually have fiber filament roots systems? These roots dig into the shingles, wrap around the shingle granules, and cause shingle discoloration. The small cracks, deterioration of the shingle surface, loosening of granules, and the pre-mature break down of substrates can reduce the shingle life up to 50%!  South Shore SoftWash, LLC will attain a 100% kill ratio of the moss and lichen root systems, ensuring the cleaning and treatment of the roof taken to the “root” of the pest!


You should never allow a contractor to use intrusive pressure washers on your roof to “scrape” off black streaks, moss or lichen! This is not the recommended method according to major roof manufactures and may void your roof warranty!

South Shore SoftWash has been trained and certified in the exclusive use of the SoftWash Systems proprietary cleaning and treatment solutions and methods. These proprietary solutions are simply the best in the industry and are all Eco-friendly. We use the best commercial products on the market, while keeping in mind our environmental responsibilities that result in a long lasting roof protection inhibiting the return of these roof pests. We are so confident in this proven, lab-tested process we offer a written “Spot Free” 5 year limited warranty with every complete roof wash!

Moss, Lichen and Black Algae treated like an infestation and sanitized with a 100% kill ratio.

Moss, Lichen and Black Algae treated like an infestation and sanitized with a 100% kill ratio.

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  • Step 1. We first kill the parasitic growth along with its destructive root system with our specially designed biodegradable cleaners.
  • Step 2. We then allow the surface layer of these organisms to come off naturally with rain and weather rather than forcibly removing them with pressure washers thereby causing more damage. (Pressure Washers actually erode the surface they are cleaning, especially when removing staining caused by algae, mildew, bacteria and lichens.)
  • Step 3. Finally, We leave behind a residual spore block inhibitor that kills any remaining roots and protects against future spores (fungal seeds). This results in a 100% kill ratio of all Algae, Mold, Mildew, Moss, Fungus and Lichens from your exterior surfaces.