We Safely and Gently Stop Algae, Moss and Lichen Roof Damage In Its Tracks for You

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Increasing Curb Appeal and Saving Roof's Since 2013


Ugly Roof stains??

         Erase it!

Don’t replace it!


Every whole roof wash is accompanied by our Written 5 year "spot free" limited warranty! We stand behind our work, process and thorough Soft Wash methods. 


Those ugly black streaks are actually bacteria, attracted to and feasting on the limestone fillers most asphalt shingles contain. Your roof actually isn’t dirty at all – it’s infested. Infested with pest organisms that affect your home’s health, appearance, curb appeal, property value and increase your household cooling costs.!  South Shore SoftWash eliminates the ugly black streaks and attains a 100% kill ratio on the bacteria spores!

Did you know that moss and lichen growing on your roof actually have fiber filament root systems? These roots dig into the shingles, wrap around the shingle granules, and cause shingle discoloration. The small cracks, deterioration of the shingle surface, loosening of granules, and the pre-mature break down of substrates can reduce the shingle life up to 50%! South Shore SoftWash, LLC will attain a 100% kill ratio of the moss and lichen root systems, ensuring the cleaning and treatment of the roof is taken to the “root” of the pest!

No Pressure Washer used on your roof...period!



South Shore SoftWash, LLC is so sure of the safety and thoroughness of our process, we guarantee in writing not to damage your roof, or void your warranty.

We follow the recommended non pressure roof cleaning guidelines of the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association.

Our SoftWash roof cleaning truck has a 2 man crew, and the crew chief is Soft Wash Systems Certified as a Lead roof wash Technician. All plants are watered or covered before, during, and after the process. We always apply plant fertilizer and nutrients to all drip line vegetation during and at the end of each project.

No Pressure Washing of any kind, will ever be used on any roof we wash.

Schedule your roof wash by February 28th and save $75 !

Think Spring!  It is not to early to reserve your spot for your roof wash and as a bonus you will save $75 for your motivation! 

Once temperatures stay above 50 degrees we will be in full operation. This is New England but that usually means by mid to late April we are in operation.